Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lufthansa Boarding Via Limousine

We'd heard about it but never experienced it, since this is our first time flying into FRA in LH F.

At the scheduled time, one of the friendly First Class Lounge attendants checked our boarding passes, bade us farewell, and sent us down to the tarmac in an elevator, where a friendly driver awaited us.

She obligingly took a photo of us and then it was off to the remote gate where our Airbus 321 was parked, passing some bigger birds along the way.

After a five-minute ride, we just had to wait for one more plane to pull out before parking beside our own. The friendly driver enjoyed our interest and told us she'd be marking 20 years working at the airport very soon but still enjoyed every day.

We were the first ones aboard, as the regular folks had to ride the buses out to the remote gate.

Business Class in Europe consists largely of a blocked middle seat.

Brian pecked away at a fairly decent lunch - compare that to what you get on a two-hour flight in the U.S., even in F - but for some strange reason Kathy wasn't hungry.

Our priority-tagged suitcases were the very first ones on the baggage carousel, and a 30-Euro taxi ride later and we're all checked in at the Four Points Diagonal with free breakfast and a pleasant room for 71 Euros nightly, a real find.

We're both tired but will try to stay awake for a few hours and get ourselves on European time. It was well worth the fatigue to experience First Class, the new First Class Lounge, and even the limo ride.

We'll see what maƱana brings us in Barcelona, with rumors of a strike even causing our cruise line to move up the flying dates for passengers who purchased air.

As for us, we're here and happy we decided to fly in two nights before our cruise.

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