Monday, November 19, 2012

Cruising Along

We’re settling into a transatlantic crossing schedule on Riviera. The clock now gradually works in our direction and has already been set back an hour last night when we sailed out of Cadiz, with five more to follow before we dock at Miami.

We’ve met a number of cruisers and employees from previous cruises, one of the pleasure of such a relatively small cruise line.

Last night we had a not-too-great dinner in the Grand Dining Room after sampling some delicious sushi in the Terrace Café.

This morning we slept in late, getting showered and coffeed-up just in time to play Team Trivia at 10:00 a.m., getting together with three other couples from New Jersey /Arizona and Arkansas. We didn’t win but we have potential and, more important, it’s a congenial group.

We enjoyed lunch in the Grand Dining Room today. At 2:00 p.m. we played table tennis with another congenial group and we went up to the top deck to play a nine holes on the putting green, all of these events for those invaluable Big O points.

We’ve spent time in between playing table tennis and shuffleboard.

Tonight we dine for the second time in Toscana. We’re now officially confirmed for a total of six dinners in the specialty restaurants. In addition to that, we’ve been invited to a Thanksgiving Day Luncheon in Toscana.

Yes, it’s a rigorous schedule, but we’re sticking to it, so don't feel sorry for us.

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