Thursday, November 29, 2012

All Ashore In Miami

We disembarked from Riviera this morning.

There was "some" kind of virus outbreak during our cruise but we fortunately avoided it.
Apparently tests indicate it wasn't norovirus but it was similarly unpleasant for those who suffered through it, as we found out by talking to other passengers.

For the last few days of the cruise the employees were spraying and cleaning everything, including for example the chairs in the Terrace cafe buffet between diners. It was apparently at a "Code Red" level, which we gather means that at least 3% of passengers and/or crew reported symptoms. That's not very many, but unfortunate for those who have it

We started our travel year in India with the obnoxious "Delhi Belly" so we're more than relieved to avoid this one. Our impression was that the ship's crew handled it very well.

The disembarkation went fairly well, although we experienced significant waits in a queue for the elevator and then in a taxi queue outside the small terminal. Funny to arrive in such a major port and find that there are no escalators from the disembarkation level down to the main floor. Fortunately we were in no hurry, unlike some folks in line nervously wondering whether they would make their flights.

Alas, Kathy finally lost her venerable iPod Touch, probably in the back seat of the taxi that brought us here. The hotel tried to track it down, but there are a lot of yellow-color cabs in Miami and Brian's remembering that the driver's first name was "Franky" didn't help at all.

The good news is that she was due for a new one anyway, and they're a lot cheaper now. She thinks she can transfer the information onto the new gizmo, so her word games with others may be delayed but still possible.

We're sitting in the Sheraton Airport Lounge waiting for our room, and happy to have a place to relax.

We're also looking forward to getting back to our own neighborhood and seeing some grandchildren.

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