Monday, November 12, 2012

And The Worst Meal Of Our Trip Is...

Dinner at the Fireside Cafe in the Seattle Four Points last night wins the prize, even though it's the first night of our trip.

It was a dark and rainy night, so we decided not to walk the two blocks to the very good Thai restaurant we'd found on a previous stay here.

Besides, we had a $20 dining credit and the desk clerk gave us a cert for a free Happy Hour drink.

It was indeed Happy Hour and maybe that explains why the waitress took so long to approach us once we had seated ourselves. Once she did, we each chose a good IPA from the drink list, not a bad deal for $3.50. We split an order of nachos for something like $4. We've never experienced nachos made with mozzarella or something similar.

We started to ask about the house red wine on the Happy Hour menu and the waitress told us they were out of it until Tuesday. Apparently it's against their policy to substitute with something so we each ordered another glass ale.

By now we'd decided to play it as safe as possible and ordered hamburgers with fries from the limited menu. It was a long time coming - and Brian thinks he spied it sitting on the bar counter for some time before the waitress noticed it - and both the burger and fries were barely warm when they finally arrived at the table.

We did ask the waitress if she would bring us fresh hot fries and she did that promptly, with an apology.

What with the credit and the cheap prices, the total bill was only a little over $20 but still...

Next time we'll walk through the rain to Bahn Thai.

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