Sunday, May 12, 2013

Auckland: Wandering The North Shore

We're just about ready to call it a night after a day of walking miles and miles.

We took the ferry over to Devonport on the North Shore and strolled out to Torpedo Bay, where we spent a fascinating 90 minutes exploring the Navy Museum.

From there we followed a circle route that took us through residential areas before depositing us back at the ferry terminal.

We enjoyed our 12-minute return cruise to the Auckland side, and took the opportunity to find a grocery store, where we gathered provisions for dinner on our balcony.

Salami, ham, and Edam cheese along with a baguette (a somewhat sorry imitation of the French variety but still edible) combined for a very pleasant dinner as we watched the lights of downtown Auckland.

After a couple of days here, there is much to remind us of Sydney, and even a little to remind us of Vancouver, not least taking a ferry across to the "North Shore."

Tomorrow we check out of the Hilton and eventually take the return trip we bought out to the airport for a cash-and-points stay at the Holiday Inn. Hotel rates are expensive here and it's been well worth our time to hop from the Novotel to the Hilton to the Holiday Inn.

Blogging may be light, as the bloggers put it, when we move from our free Internet to the paid variety starting tomorrow. The Holiday Inn, for example, wants an exorbitant fee approaching $30 for Internet. If it's that expensive in the campgrounds we visit, we'll probably only sign up every other night.

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