Saturday, May 11, 2013

Auckland: Wandering Wynyard Quarter

There can be few better places for strolling on this beautiful day than Wynyard Quarter, a short walk from the Hilton.

As we walked across this bridge, we debated whether or not it was a drawbridge. Just as we stepped off it a siren sounded and the gates closed. Kathy definitely won that debate.

We got a closeup look at the super yacht Archimedes, owned by a man worth about 11 billion dollars. In case you're interested, the yacht is available for charter. How much? If you have to ask...

It's still a working harbor. For example, from the Gantry, a three-story structure open to tourists, we saw what appears to be another boat being built under shrinkwrap.

This spot also offered us good views of Silo Park and the restaurants tempting us along the walkway.

However, we'll have to wait on those. All of a sudden we can't upload any more photos. New Zealand and Australia are highly advanced countries but there are severe limitations to their data capacity, something we've learned on previous visits.

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