Thursday, May 23, 2013

Out And About On A Margaret River Wine Tour

We thoroughly enjoyed our wine tour, along with 11 other Flyertalk members in Perth for OzFest.

The name of the tour outfit we used is literally Out & About Wine Tours, and our guide was the owner himself, Claude Rossetto.

He's not only extremely knowledgeable, but a very funny guy. The 30 hours flew by, as we visited five wineries, and enjoyed two delicious winery luncheons. We also had a pleasant dinner at the Wyndham Resort, this hotel stop having been found by one of our members for a relatively bargain rate - $200 for room and a two-course dinner for two is a heck of a bargain in this part of the world.

We of course had heard of the Margaret River wine region and were surprised to find out how new it is.  The first vines were planted by a doctor in the early 1970s and serious wine making only started to occur in the 1980s. There are hundreds of wineries and Margaret River is well known in Australia and beyond.

Thank you Claude for a most enjoyable tour with Out & About.

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