Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Barcelona (BCN) Spanair Lounge

This morning´s disembarkation was quick and easy for us. Of course, carrying all of our own luggage saves some lining up.

A quick cab ride and 30 Euros later we were at BCN, where we printed our boarding passes at a kiosk and dropped off our bags. Security was a breeze - it is in most places compared to the U.S.A. - and we´re now settled in at the relatively new (since our last visit) Spanair Star Alliance Lounge. Since our flight doesn´t leave for five hours, we´re happy the lounge is such a pleasant place.

Our flights today are BCN-MXP-LHR. We´re flying with LH, but the first leg to Milan is technically operated by LH Italia.

In the meantime, we´ve ascertained that our beautiful 747 tomorrow LHR-SFO seems to have been swapped to an old-configuration 777 for whatever reason, and we´ll have to see if we can sit together, having split our itineraries so as to snag upgrades one at a time as they become available.

It´s at times like this that our cunning practice backfires on us. Still, given a choice between sitting separately in Business or together in Economy, we´ll make the practical rather than the romantic choice.

Update... We´re finally readying ourselves to head to the gate. The snacks are basic here compared to, say, a Senator LH Lounge, so we slipped out and bought salami sandwiches on baguettes for about 5 Euros each - yikes!

We appear to be seated together on our UA flight tomorrow, and we´ll have to check out the situation more closely when we finally arrive in LHR. Is a bump possible, as UA moves passengers from a 747 to the smaller 777?

In the meantime, we´re off to earn 1028 LH miles to be applied to our UA accounts.

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