Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Time To Fly

Kathy has stuffed the new roll-aboard with most of what we carried in the old roll-aboard, we've enjoyed a decent breakfast at the LHR Hilton, and now it's time to head through the tube to the Hilton Express from Terminal 4 to the other terminals and our flight on UA 931 LHR-SFO, at the start of a long day.


  1. You're becoming quite the regulars at the LHR Hilton. If it weren't for the 16:20 flight from LHR to IAD, I'd probably spend my last night in London out there more often myself -- the prices are MUCH cheaper than at the downtown Hilton properties!

  2. Yes, our last couple of stays there have been truly cheap, including the most recent on the January sale at 69 pounds.