Tuesday, April 19, 2011

North Korea On A Clear Day

It's back on the bus as we head toward viewing areas on an unusually clear day...

One last view of the ROK soldiers through the bus windows as we circle around once more...

Our first views of North Korea in the distance as our guide points out the sights...

These include a huge North Korean flag that weighs about 600 pounds. The North Koreans built this tower after the South Koreans built a flag tower that was higher than than their previous tower. As their people suffer, the North Koreans can take pride that the tower is higher and their flag is larger.


  1. Great photos! I'm very jealous. I think I may need to make a return trip to Seoul later this fall to visit the DMZ and see some of the other things I missed in and around Seoul. (Btw -- in your post on the ICN Asiana Lounge, you might want to change the name of the bus to KAL from JAL -- Korea not Japan).

  2. Done - Thanks! We were very impressed with Seoul. It's time to save up some hotel points so we can afford to stay there again.