Monday, April 4, 2011

It's A Small World Sometimes

What a pleasant surprise as we looked for a quiet spot in the LHR Star Alliance Lounge this morning. New Zealand doctor and Flyertalk friend Jeff Wong jumped up to greet us. This is at least the fourth time we've run into somebody we know in airport lounges or, in one instance, at a hotel elevator in Bangkok.

It was great fun to see Jeff and visit for awhile. He's one of those super-travelers who makes our comings and goings look modest in comparison.

We were all on the LHR-SFO flight, with us in the mini-cabin and Jeff several rows back in the main C cabin. The flight itself was very pleasant and we even caught a couple of hours of sleep.The last time we checked, Jeff was still snoozing just before the seat-belt sign went on for landing. Jeff is laying over longer than we are before flying onward to Wellington (WLG), where he'll look forward to having the rest of the afternoon off before going back to work the next day. Wow!

We breezed through Immigration, Customs, and back in through TSA security in record time. Unfortunately, the final flight to SEA before our 8:40 p.m. flight had already departed, so we'll be sitting here in the RCC before boarding what will feel like a red-eye to us.

We're looking forward to seeing some grandchildren in the morning, and then it's home for awhile before our flight to ICN April 14.


  1. It was great to bump into you both. I went into town for a few hours pre UA863 (SFO-SYD) connecting to a NZ flight to WLG. Not Auckland to clarify. Enjoy your trip to Australia in May!

  2. Thanks Jeff. We fixed it above for the record. Shame on us for confusing the two, simply because we've been to AKL but not WLG. The South Island is still on our list of future must-see places.