Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The ICN Asiana Lounge

We'll note during a timeout from our Seoul travelogue that the four of us are sitting in a very pleasant Asiana Lounge having a bite to eat before boarding UA 892 for SFO.

We took the KAL bus from our hotel to the airport and its reclining leather seats made for a comfortable ride, despite the hectic traffic.

Our flight is supposed to leave 10 minutes early, but it's due to land on time, so we'll have to wait and see. It's a fairly tight connection at SFO but we'll do the best we can.

It's been a fairly whirlwind trip but we all like Seoul a lot more than we thought we would. It contains great people, great sites, and good shopping.

We'll be back.

Updated to SFO... A bumpy but quick flight with significant tailwinds, taking just a little over nine hours. We sailed through Immigration, Customs, and TSA security with Tom and Ellyn not too far behind us.

We're now sitting in the SFO RCC, all with bump opportunities. Either way, it was a great trip, but it'll be good to be home and get back to sharing some photos here.

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