Friday, April 1, 2011

The Rock Of Gibraltar

This morning Insignia worked its way bumpily through the Straits of Gibraltar, the passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This is our third trip through here but the first two were at night. We finally got to view the Rock of Gibraltar off our balcony on the port side.

While we know the British captured this strategic place from the Spanish and still control it, for us the fascination goes back to those 1950s TV commercials for Prudential Insurance, which featured the rock. Now we're going to have to check out those old commercials to see how the view compares.

Tomorrow we dock in Valencia for a few hours and we'll have a look around. The following morning, Sunday, we disembark at Barcelona.

Our seven-member team won the Big O-lympics today in the finals. While we weren't entrants in the pie-eating contest, we contributed to other wins, and will use our points toward a shirt.

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