Sunday, April 3, 2011

LHR Luggage Blues

Why we like to carry on? Baggage that is. Sitting at Heathrow with one bag missing. Another reason not to love Heathrow.

We blogged the text message above from our cell phone while sitting around at Heathrow while the Star Alliance luggage department worked quite diligently to find our missing bag.

The good news was that they finally found it. It probably got mixed up with luggage from our flight being transferred to other flights, and the first person who checked didn't notice it.

The bad news is that when we took a closer look at our other roll-aboard, it became obvious that the button utilized to move the handle up and down had been knocked off and it's now almost impossible to lift and lower the handle.

The diligent Mr. Muhammed Khan of the luggage claim department, back for the first day from his holidays, immediately offered us a replacement roll-aboard. With some trepidation accepted and we now have three. It doesn't look that great actually, and we'll have to make some decisions in the morning.

In the meantime, some spicy Indian food and a pint of beer at the Hilton's casual and not-horribly priced cafe has made us feel a little better, and we'll worry about luggage in the morning.

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