Thursday, June 9, 2011

Darwin's Mindl Beach Market

As Sunday draws toward a close, we drive to Darwin's Mindl Beach Market, a large and crowded assemblage of vendors that is open Thursday and Sunday nights, Saturday being reserved for the footy match.

At least half of Darwin seems to be there and it's a little hectic for our tastes, especially after our past few days in the spacious Outback, but we head down to the beach to discover that they're featuring a beautiful sunset just for us.

Thank you Sarah (ozbeachbabe) and Rob (ozbeachhunk), and all of you other Aussie FlyerTalkers who pitched in as well, for planning such a wonderful Oz Fest. It's nice to see you two can still smile at the end of it all.

What a great way to cap off our visit to this thoroughly amazing corner of the world.

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