Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Official: We're United Airlines Million Mile Flyers

We've earned our 1 Million Miles Rewards on UA. The envelope arrived in today's mail from UA. It's essentially a new 1K package and contains some drink certs, a replacement 1K card that adds Million Mile Flyer just below 1K, and a certificate of congratulations.

"It is our privilege to recognize you as one of the distinct few to reach 1 MILLION LIFETIME FLIGHT MILES. Thank you for your years of loyalty. We are honored that you have chosen to travel on United."

Very nice! Loyalty should run both ways so let's hope our upgrades on future flights continue to clear.


Dennis Warner said...

Congratulations! And you're already working on the next million!

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks! Still, as Brian wrote on his Facebook page, this milestone isn't all that unusual among our frequent flyer pals. One of our friends crossed 1 MM last year and another, whom we just saw again at the most recent Oz Fest, mentioned he'd be crossing 2 MM about now.

Still, lifetime Star Alliance Gold status, access to better seats, and access to United's Premier Executive phone line and the other perks of being a "1P" are all attractive features, no matter how much flying we do in the future.

Gregory said...

Hey, no fair! I didn't get a certificate when I passed 1 MM in March of 2010.

Kathy and Brian said...

We'd photocopy one of ours to send you and allow you to paste your own name in, Greg, but they're already bronzed and mounted under a spotlight.

We suggest you write 1K to seek compensation for this slight.