Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homeward Bound From LHR

We napped and we slept and now we're up early. It'll be a long day but not as long as the last couple. We fly AC in Economy LHR-YVR. In Vancouver we'll board a Dash-8 or something similar and fly 127 miles past and over our house to SEA, a mere 4837 miles, although the 500-mile minimum earned in UA's Mileage Plus on the YVR-SEA leg for 127 miles flown will add 5210 miles to our accounts.

In SEA we'll snooze in a hotel overnight, then pick up our car from Dave and his family, and eventually head home to count the new weeds in the yard.

We can also spend some time rubbing our hands over the 17980 miles we'll have flown SYD-LAX-LHR-YVR-SEA since Tuesday in Sydney.

If we add in the flight across Australia from Darwin to Sydney Monday morning (Sunday at home), we'll have flown a total of 19940 miles this week, again counting the 500-mile minimum we'll earn for the YVR-SEA leg, rather than the 127 miles actually flown. That's a lot of flying, even for us.

In fact, if we'd planned a different route and flew another 5000 miles, we could have called our trip Around The World in Six Days.

It probably won't hurt to take a little time off. We'll see how bad the withdrawal symptoms are.


  1. How close to 1,000,000 miles are you now? My math skills are a bit rusty.

  2. We're both several thousand miles past one million miles flown on United Airlines "metal," i.e. UA planes and tickets, and the miles have already posted in our Mileage Plus accounts. Since we've also flown on other airlines our actual total miles flown would be closer to 1,100,00 but it's only miles flown on UA that count toward UA MM status.