Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sheraton Heathrow Hotel

Here we are. We walked to the Central Bus Station and found Bus 76. The ride to the Sheraton Heathrow is not much more than five minutes. We had to jaywalk across a four-lane road with a grass median but fortunately the road wasn't at all busy.

The hotel's exterior looks quite impressive and a pleasant young desk clerk told us our room was ready and that we'd been "upgraded" to the Club Floor.

The LHR Hilton it isn't. In fact, it's probably a step below the Sheraton Skyline at which we stayed on the way over but the price is right. If this is an upgraded room we wouldn't want to see a downgraded room. No, it's not at all awful but it's small and the air conditioning isn't working, although it makes a satisfying roaring noise. Have we possibly been spoiled by some of our lodgings over the past couple of weeks? Nah...

The best news so far is that there's a very promising looking restaurant, London Hong Kong, just down the road. We dig a little more and discover its very professional website. Can you guess where we'll be dining today?

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