Friday, June 10, 2011

En Route: Greenland From 38,000 Feet

Almost before we know it (well, not really), we've flown to London via San Francisco, and spent the night at the Sheraton LHR, traveling between airport and hotel on one of the free buses, rather than spending several pounds on the "Hotel Hoppa."

We're now flying on a lovely Air Canada 777, in the best economy seats we've probably ever experienced, bulkhead first row, with enough legroom that we set up one of our roll-aboards as a footrest for this daytime flight.

Good seats, surprisingly decent meal service, and great views of Greenland as the captain has announced - flying doesn't get much better than this.

Now we fast forward to our YVR-SEA flight. We're flying over the Gulf / San Juan Islands in a Dash-8 at well under 10,000 feet. You can just make out Active Pass and a B.C. Ferry below if you look closely. We're nearly home.

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