Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Quick Trip To Whistler

Whistler has certainly boomed further since our last visit a few years ago. The rumors are that they held some kind of winter event here last year.

We crossed into Canada at the Peace Arch Friday morning without any wait whatsoever. The woman at the Immigration booth asked us where we were staying in Whistler. When we told her one night at the Westin and one night at the Hilton, she immediately demanded to know why we were doing that.

Knowing us, a detailed explanation followed, involving hotel programs, points, and free stays. She laughed and replied "All I have is a Best Western card," and waved us through.

Our GPS guided us through New Westminster, in Burnaby, and onto Highway 1, which eventually becomes Highway 99 North. The Sea-to-Sky Highway is considerably improved since our last trip - thank you, Canadian taxpayers - and it was quite a pleasant drive all the way, with great views despite the clouds.

It started to rain not too long after we arrived mid-afternoon so we limited ourselves to walking around the village and hanging out in our one-bedroom suite, another pleasing upgrade in return for our bargain rate, at the Westin.

Even on a cloudy day there are good views from our balcony.

Between British Columbia's 12% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and the current exchange rate, it was a good night to take advantage of our kitchenette by dining in.

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