Thursday, June 9, 2011

Darwin: The Qantas Empire Airways Hangar

In between the jumping crocs and the Mindl Market, Rob finds the way to at quick stop at the Qantas Empire Airways Hangar, an historic site not far from Darwin's original airfield. Few of us knew that the Japanese attacked Darwin during World War Two and there are still bullet holes and shrapnel damage visible in some of the beams.

The old hangar is now home to a museum that contains a wide variety of cars, trucks, fire engines, and tractors, among other vehicles. It's obviously a work-in-progress run by the enthusiastic volunteers of the Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts’ Club. We only had a few minutes to spare but it would have been easy to spend a couple of hours here.

FlyerTalkers John (JohnSydney2000), Brendan (restlessinRNO), and Kathy (Mrs. Fredd) taking in the sights.

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