Monday, June 6, 2011

The Must-Do Kakadu Pre-DO

Oz Fest is one of the oldest and best-organized of FlyerTalk Dos.

The organizers even plan sometimes elaborate pre-Do and post-Do activities. We signed up with a group of about 15 others to drive about four hours to Jabiru, a town in the center of Kakadu National Park.

Our volunteer driver, Rob, was incredibly gracious and friendly throughout our stay.

Likewise, Sarah, his better-half organizer, was unfailingly helpful and welcoming. She's at the center of this photo, taken at a road house (a sort of Aussie truck stop).

Our lodging at Jabiru was the Holiday Inn, shaped beguilingly like a crocodile. Our room was in the tail.

Once there, our first excursion was the Yellow Waters Sunset Cruise. Magical!


Kim said...

Looks like an amazing trip. Love the pictures! Need to show Riley...she'll love seeing the real crocodiles and the crocodile-shaped hotel.

Anonymous said...

Pics look great - Kakadu is a wonderful wildlife/cultural preserve. Happy Travels - John.
ps, I can't work out this "anonymous" business!

Gregory said...

Great photos! I'm still kicking myself for not making the pre-Do. Oh well, I guess this just means I'll have to go back to DRW at some point.

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks to all for the kind comments. We'll soon be posting photos of our climb up Injalak Hill with an Aboriginal guide to view the rather amazing rock art.

Please stay tuned!

Unknown said...

Great pictures!!