Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aboard Amtrak's Coast Starlight

We're in the Parlor Car, where the Hot Spot is, and have just pulled into the Olympia station.

Our trip so far has been easy and efficient. We caught the hotel shuttle from the Doubletree to the Hilton, walked around the corner and took the elevator to the Link Light Rail station. From there it was a quick 30 minutes to the International District stop, and from there not much more than a one-block walk to the King Street Amtrak Station.

Despite the renovations - the station itself is closed and we'll upload a couple of interesting photos of the work in progress later - we checked in and got aboard.

We traded with a nice passenger so as to have two connecting bedrooms, but it turns out the doors can't be opened, despite our attendant's best efforts.

We were on one trip in April in which it was impossible to keep the connecting doors closed, so this is probably a better problem to have.

Eric, the attendant, brought us extra mini-bottles of California sparkling wine as compensation, affording us a pleasantly buzzy start to the day.

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