Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At The Sheraton Albuquerque Airport

The ride was bumpy for much of our ride on the Southwest Chief from Los Angeles to Albuquerque but we still enjoyed it.

The train arrived here early and we all caught a cab up to the Hertz location where we got a great deal on a two-week rental, making the $35 ride a good investment.

We have a silver Nissan Altima with Pennsylvania license plates. Even with 35,000 miles on it the car seems to ride well and it was comfortable enough even for four of us, with all of our luggage stuffed into the trunk.

We drove all the way back to the Sheraton Albuquerque Airport and our rooms were ready for us. Both we and the desk manager had problems using our room cards to punch us up to the top floor but everything has now been fixed.

After planning this trip, it turned out through quite a coincidence that Tom got referred to a specialist in Albuquerque for a fancy little procedure, so in he goes tomorrow morning. We'll either drive him and Ellyn back home to Durango tomorrow or hang around for another day until he's ready to cope with Brian's slow (by his standards) driving.

In the meantime, we're all going for an early dinner at their favorite Albuquerque Chinese restaurant.

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