Thursday, October 4, 2012

Richland Restaurant Rapture

We've enjoyed a fine day touring a few of the 200 or so wineries in this region. Topping it off was a truly amazing meal at Bookwalter Wine Bistro.

The menu might look limited but the food was fantastic.

One appetizer not on the online menu was a generous portion of arancini, and it was superb.

Brian's ribeye steak, ordered rare, arrived well done. It was taken back with great apologies and the replacement was cooked perfectly. Much to our surprise, we were comped for the steak. Even more surprising, Frannie, one of our table mates, pointed out that her rare-ordered steak arrived medium-rare and her steak was comped as well.

The winery's Protagonist accompanying the meal was excellent as well.

We hope to return to this restaurant. In fact, we'd suggest it's worth a trip.

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