Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hawthorne NV: The Refinery Restaurant

Driving from Las Vegas to Reno the other day along US Highway 95, we decided to stop for lunch at Hawthorne.

We noticed that cars were parked at The Refinery.

There Brian discovered what must be one of the world's largest Club Sandwiches - complete with a huge order of French Fries for $8.95.

Cut into quarters, each quarter would itself make a perfectly adequate lunch. Brian ate one quarter, built on tasty home-made white bread, foisted one off on Kathy, and tore the third quarter apart to eat some of the tasty bacon. Yes, that still left one lonely quarter.

Should we ever return to these parts, we'll do what we saw two local diners do at an adjacent table - order one to split, and take two quarters home in a box.

Kathy's French Dip sandwich was only a little bit smaller.

After surrendering and paying our check, another local at a nearby table joked "Hope you didn't leave hungry."



Anonymous said...

I live here and The Refinery has taken our eating experiences and choices to a new level for a small town. I usually get the chicken fried steak with fry's but once I tried the Monte Cristo, I always thought deep-frying something would make it better, I was amazed at the taste, texture and as you mentioned size. Only half that sandwich was eaten that day, I couldn't get to the other half until 2 days afterwards as I was still full and satisfied. We applaud them for bringing a higher end type establishment with reasonable prices!

Kathy and Brian said...

We agree. We've lived most of our lives in small towns and having at least one reliable "go-to" restaurant is good fortune. If they manage to maintain their quality, quantity, and prices, it's almost cheaper than eating at home, if you count the leftovers!

Thanks for the comment - we're happy to know the Refinery is still going strong.