Friday, October 26, 2012

Las Vegas Magician: Jan Rouven

We played the slot machines for awhile in a couple of places and ate a pretty good Asian dinner in the Riviera's Banana Leaf.

The highlight of the day was watching Jan Rouven, a brilliant (and funny) young magician from Germany.

We bought "preferred" seats through Groupon for about $29 each and were seated in the fourth row on one side in a fairly intimate theater.

Rouven's show consists largely of big illusions...

The seamless ride will include acts such as the Bed of Death, Fire Spiker, Hand Stab where a volunteer from the audience will play Russian roulette with a sharp knife, the Water Tank where the thrill level rises even more when the illusionist nearly drowns cuffed and chained under water and many more you just have to see to believe.

He was supported by five high-energy dancer-assistants and it was one heck of a show.

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