Monday, October 15, 2012

Sleeping In At the L.A. Sheraton

We enjoyed our second dinner on the Coast Starlight last night, packed up, and got off the train at Union Station - it actually arrived early.

Union Station is a beautifully restored facility. Seattle's station will probably look even better once its renovation is complete. Did we mention that right now it looks a little like Turkish ruins?

We grabbed a van taxi and about 10 minutes through deserted Sunday night streets and 10 dollars later we were in line to check in at the Sheraton downtown.

A foreign tour group (Spanish?) had considerable complications for the sole clerk at the counter but he was profuse with his apologies when he got to us.

We have a corner room with a view of - buildings - and Tom's and Ellyn's room looked fine too.

We're up on a Club Floor and about to head to the lounge for our continental breakfast.

We'll probably just hang around the property today with a late checkout before returning to the station to catch the Southwest Chief at around 6:00 p.m.

Lots of time to play Spades and we agree that, when traveling by Amtrak, one night in a bedroom is plenty before a one-night stay in a nice hotel.

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