Friday, October 19, 2012

Farmington NM Hampton Inn: The Best?

This is at least the second time we've stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Farmington New Mexico.

They've upgraded us to a mini-suite on the top (fourth) floor and everything is clean and sparkling and modern. It's clearly one of the very best Hampton Inns in which we've ever stayed and our room puts a lot of higher-end hotel rooms to shame.

Earlier today, courtesy of brother Greg and sister-in-law June, we enjoyed a terrific Mexican lunch at Los Hermanitos. It's a high standard of Mexican food that we don't find in the Northwest - or maybe it's just that we prefer New Mexican-style Mexican food.

We've spent the balance of the day poring over the boxes of family memorabilia on Kathy's Hamilton / Clark side of the family and have at least a couple of more days of work ahead. We're scanning documents and photos as we go but there's just too much. Back in those days, people kept diaries and scrapbooks and letters.

It's quite a feeling to be reading over the 1890s-era personal scrapbook of Kathy's great-grandfather, General Elisha Bentley Hamilton. He was, among other things, a renowned orator and there are numerous "press clippings" extolling his eloquent speeches. Couple with those are clippings about his son's triumphs on the Quincy High School Debating Team and more.

Anyway, you get the idea - it's fascinating and we're already looking forward to more sorting and scanning tomorrow.

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