Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Albuquerque Asian Eats: Budai Gourmet Chinese

We ate at Budai Gourmet Chinese a couple of years ago in September 2010 on Tom's recommendation and it seemed okay but not all that spectacular.

Tonight with Tom ordering (lots of dishes) the results were different and definitely an outstanding dining experience.

We ate our way through a wide variety of appetizers and main dishes. Tom took some photos of his favorites on his camera phone and shared them, including Shanghai Ribs...

Crispy Flounder Filet...

Pork Belly...

The charming co-owner, Elsa, remembered Tom from previous visits and looked after us herself. Our small cooler is packed with some delicious leftovers to leave with Tom and Ellyn when we drive them home. They may even invite us to share them.

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