Friday, January 13, 2017

Leaving Charleston: CHS-SEA

A leisurely morning - after our final Embassy Suites breakfast we took a free bus over to the departure area for the boats to Fort Sumter and looked at the National Park Service display (we didn't bother going to the fort itself).

Gadsden's Wharf was at one point one of the busiest in the world, its main "import" being slaves. A lot of history in this part of the world, not all of it happy, to say the least.

We took the $3.50 NASH bus to the airport and arrived at least an hour earlier than we needed to. It's probably the most comfortable airport we've ever seen, with terrific facilities to sit and charge your device at all gates. Who needs a lounge when you have this? (Not to be ungrateful, but the free airport wifi is slooow.)

Seattle tonight, some grandchildren this weekend, and off on our next trip Monday.

Charleston as a destination is hard to beat!

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