Sunday, January 22, 2017

Malta Wave-Watching

We relished our third breakfast buffet in the Hilton's beautiful Oceana Restaurant, our farewell meal with Greg, who flies all the way back home to Washington, D.C. and - gasp! - work this week.

The view of the crashing waves from our balcony continues to be impressive, and we thought we would try again to make our way down to that spot, after failing to find it yesterday.

We made it as far as the large pool area at the back. There, by chance, we ran into Greg again, who gave us the right instructions.

A climb down some stairs followed by a walk down a couple of narrow streets and there we were, looking up at our room, the bottom one of the row of rooms with large balconies that jut out at the end.

The waves were impressive from this vantage point. Kathy had spotted a swimmer Friday, but there's no way anybody would be swimming in this.

Heck, this was one time we had no desire to break the rules.

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