Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Blane in Europe: Down in the Salt Mine

Our next stop was a little farther on the same bus route, one of the salt mines in the area that offers tours to visitors.

Unfortunately we spent two minutes too long waiting in the shade by the entrance, and by the time we got to the.bus stop, the bus had come and gone.

Fortunately we only had to wait a half hour (albeit in the sun) for another bus that would take us there. We were lucky to get off at the right stop.
The delay and nuisance were worth it though, as we all really enjoyed the tour, complete with a train, two slides, a boat ride, and an elevator.

This mine apparently produces Austria’s best-selling brand of salt.

We bought photos of ourselves on the train and sliding down one of the slides, and will post them later.

We stopped for another beverage break before catching another bus back to Salzburg.

In the final transit annoyance of the day, we pushed the button more than once to get off at Marianplatz, but the driver didn’t open the doors, so we endured a hot 15-minute walk from the train station back to our hotel and of the hottest days in Salzburg’s history.

Still, we’d managed to hit a high spot…

and as much as 150 meters underground at the salt mine.

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