Sunday, July 10, 2022

Blane in Europe: Sunday Seine Sail

We slept in late and didn’t get going until after 11:00am.

We fortified ourselves with coffee and hot chocolate at a nearby café.

From there it was a Métro  ride to our destination., the Seine.

We stopped for lunch at an okay place after a crowded Métro ride - fortunately without pickpockets!

We’d used this company before for our cruise.

The young guide was charming, but we couldn’t understand his English. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the cruise.

It was good to see Notre-Dame under reconstruction.

We walked a few more miles today and retreated to our room to cool off for awhile.

Our final dinner in Paris this trip was pizza, found in a friendly little joint less than a 10-minute stroll from our hotel.

Dessert for Blane was Moelleux au Chocolat, “soft” chocolate cake. 

Tomorrow we fly to Rome.

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