Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dakota Creek Winery: "Art at The Winery"

We're lucky to live within a few minutes drive of a couple of top-notch little boutique wineries in Blaine Washington. One of them is Dakota Creek Winery.

We've visited this winery a number of times, we've tasted their wine with pleasure and bought quantities for our "cellar" as members of their Wine Club, and we've had the chance to chat with the friendly co-owners, Ken and Jill Peck. Today we dropped by their annual Art at The Winery event, featuring a multitude of booths with something like 60 local artists and artisans selling their wares, along with a live band and, naturally, reasonably-priced Dakota Creek wines by the glass.

We wandered around for a couple of hours, enjoying the warm weather and the ambience, running into Birch Bay neighbors and co-owner Jill Peck who, while darting from one project to the next, took the time to say hello. We even bought a few items as we sipped.

These folks make good wine, and if you scroll down to page 13 of this Wine Spectator listing, you'll see they've again earned 90 points for one of their vintages.

Yes, it's a definite enhancement to our neighborhood.

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