Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Mexico Road Runners

No, we didn't see actual road runners of the avian kind, but we moved along at a good speed ourselves, once we landed in ABQ, the Sunport.

One unusual feature of the Sunport is that everybody renting a car has to ride a shuttle bus to a rental car facility located 5-10 minutes away. We can't help but wonder which politican's cousin might have owned the property on which this edifice stands. It's not as if there's not plenty of room in this part of the world. Maybe there are great reasons; after all, these are just the musings of casual tourists, who have time to think about it all as we ride the shuttle bus.

After the ride, we pick up our Thrifty car, a Kia Optima, and carefully mark off all of the little scratches and dents before leaving.

We leave Albuquerque close enough to 4:00 p.m. to run into a few modest traffic jams on I-25. Once we turn north on US-550 the four-lane highway, tremendously improved from several years ago, is uncrowded.

After a quick and unsatisfying stop for a snack at a Mexican fast-food joint, we spend the rest of our three-hour drive enjoying the vastness of the surroundings at 70-75 mph.

Yes, it's miles and miles of, well, miles and miles, and we've always found it starkly beautiful. Tonight we're staying at a Hampton Inn along the way, and tomorrow we'll drive onward to Durango.

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