Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Six Airports Back-To-Back

We're packing up this morning for a drive to Seattle and a couple of upcoming trips.

August 26 we fly SEA-DEN-ABQ 1369 EQMs (UAL Elite Qualifying Miles).

We pick up a cheap rental car in Albquerque and drive up to Durango to attend Kathy's high school reunion weekend for the Class of 1965. We'll then drive back as far as Farmington NM where we're planning to sort though and document boxes of family memorabilia that belonged to Kathy's mother.

September 1 we fly ABQ-LAX-SEA 1629 EQMs and overnight at SEA

September 2 we fly SEA-SFO-BWI 3128 EQMs and spend two nights in Baltimore, a quasi-mileage-run for us (For dedicated Flyer Talkers, a true mileage run does not include any overnight hotel stays).

September 4 we fly BWI-DEN-SEA 2510 EQMs and hope to arrive in time to attend grandson Jake's family birthday party at his Unk's house in Issaquah.

We scooped up the Baltimore flight for a little over $100 each and our grand total for eight legs will be a respectable 8636 EQMs. With our 100% 1K bonus miles, UA will deposit a total of 17272 miles into each of our accounts, but who's counting?

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