Friday, August 20, 2010

Highway 2: The Gold Bar Restaurant And Lounge

Back home and catching up on mail and miscellany today, we're still thinking about yesterday's enjoyable drive from East Wenatchee to Birch Bay, most of it on the scenic Highway 2.

A pleasant surprise resulted from spotting the Gold Bar Restaurant and Lounge for a lunch stop just off the highway as we entered the outskirts of Gold Bar, roughly 30 miles East of where Highway 2 merges into I-5 at Everett.

When we asked whether the soup of the day was made on the premises, the waitress proudly replied that they made at least 90% of the food on the menu, including the soup, from scratch. We were also impressed that the menu advertised Certified Angus Beef, and Brian's beef dip sandwich was exceedingly tasty. Kathy enjoyed an excellent Reuben sandwich, made with sour cream rather than the fairly weak sauce restaurants often slather on.

We split an order of their hand-cut french fries, also delicious. The bill for all of this was in the 20-dollar range.

It's such a treat to come across little independent restaurants like this one (Gold Bar wouldn't support a big franchise operation in any case) that serve good food at fair prices.

We'll make a point of stopping there again.

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