Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wenatchee Thai Dining

Last night after some fairly warm unpacking - we see 103 in one report and our car's external thermometer read 107 during one shopping trip - we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out.

There are at least two Thai restaurants in the area, both of which receive reasonable reviews. We decided to drive from the new East Wenatchee house over to Wenatchee to eat at The Thai Restaurant. Can a place-name count as eponymous?

We ordered some of the usual dishes we're familiar with and enjoyed a leisurely dinner. On this visit, selecting 3 out of 4 on the "hotness" scale resulted in dishes right on the edge of too hot for us, especially a Panang curry dish made without coconut milk in deference to cholesterol-counting. The Singha helped though and the employees are exceptionally friendly so we'll definitely plan to return on one of our many anticipated future visits.

The rental truck is still half-full and yesterday, as we sat resting in the air-conditioned house in the full heat of the afternoon, we made a phone call and a couple of movers are arriving at 8:00 a.m. to help us in unloading the really heavy furniture.

Wouldn't you know that the weather forecast shows the temperature dropping into the 70s later in the week? Timing is everything, as is said, and it'll be cool to see an empty rental truck later this morning.


Dennis Warner said...

Getting movers in to do the heavy lifting is wise. And I'm glad you found a good Thai restaurant with that imaginative name! That must have been some sort of brainstorming session to come up with the name "The Thai Restaurant." The food is what counts though, along with the friendly staff, so they can call it whatever they want. I hope you open some bubbly when the rental truck is empty and again, our best to Kim, John, Riley, and Blane in their new home.

Kathy and Brian said...

2 1/2 hours and two brawny young guys later the truck was completely unloaded and the house is now decorated with wall-to-wall cartoning.

The truck has now been returned to George (the name of the town, not the renter), and we're now at the puttering stage.

The bubbly of the day is Pabst Blue Ribbon but it's mighty tasty.