Friday, August 6, 2010

YVR: Our Day To Queue at Vancouver Airport

We've been in the Maple Leaf Lounge for about 20 minutes, thinking it's fortunate we left home as early as we did this morning.

We waited about 20 minutes at the Peace Arch border crossing and then made a quick trip up #99 to the airport, since the morning rush was over.

Parking wasn't a problem in the "Economy Lot" - truth in advertising? Hmmm... - and then the lines began. We already had our boarding passes printed up and we weren't checking any luggage; still, we ended up waiting in UA's First Class / 1K line for about 20 minutes. For some reason, after the gate agent dealt with the elderly couple in front of us she found it necessary to leave her post for five minutes.

We then entered the special security line for passengers flying to the U.S. That was easily 20-25 minutes. Our carry-ons sat inside the little X-ray machines for quite some period of time while an employee peered at the screen.

From there we went to another lineup, US Customs and Immigration. That was only a five-minute wait; however, the agent told us cheerfully we'd been selected for a random secondary inspection, so we had to enter a large room at the back and wait our turn. Everybody was friendly and, after waiting in chairs for another five minutes, another friendly agent searched Kathy's purse, x-rayed our luggage, and sent us on our way with a smile after we told him about mileage runs.

It arguably took us close to as much time to arrive in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge here as it would have taken us to drive to Seattle and SEA. Of course, we only drove a bit over 30 miles so there was less wear-and-tear on the car and on us, and the YVR-MSP bargain fare is too good to pass up.

The soup, salad, and complimentary beverages also make the Maple Leaf Lounge hard to beat and we're happy to be sitting here with no hassles, and nothing other than friendly treatment throughout.

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