Friday, August 6, 2010

Flying DEN-MSP With Jesse Ventura

What's funny about both of us (among other attributes) is that we're not particularly visual people. We were waiting to board our flight to Minneapolis and also awaiting a last-minute upgrade. We vaguely noticed a tall, somewhat weather-beaten, yet still impressive looking fellow in a baseball hat who arrived not long before boarding started and sat down near us. We also noticed a couple of people shaking hands with him but thought no more of it.

At this point we were called to the counter to pick up our new boarding passes. We were seated separately, Brian on the aisle in 1C and Kathy in the window behind in one 2B. The nice young lady who was going to sit in 1D kindly volunteered to switch seats with Kathy.

Kathy squeezed past the gentleman in 2C and moved up to the bulkhead window seat with Brian. It wasn't until we noticed several boarding passengers staring at him or even saying "Hi Jesse," and then heard him say a few words in his quite recognizable voice that it dawned on us.

It was indeed Governor Jesse Ventura, who spent the entire 90-minute flight (with an extra half-hour awaiting our turn to take off after the storm disrupted DEN operations)quietly reading to himself.

How many other celebrities have we overlooked during our travels? Of course, those who know us well know that we wouldn't even recognize that many celebrities, or worse, even care that much.

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