Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reunion: Durango High School Class of '65

Kathy caught up with a lot of old classmates Friday night on the patio of Steamworks Brewing Co.
in Durango.

Saturday morning the old Durango High School was open to the class to wander around. It's now the school district headquarters and it brought back a lot of memories to walk up and down the old staircases, visit the surprisingly small gym and, for Kathy, a special trip to the old bandroom, courtesy of the current superintendent's secretary, who had the key.

It's a stately old building built in 1916 - we saw the architect's original plans posted on a wall behind a glass in a storage room.

It's a three-story building with a lot of staircases, including fire escapes at the rear.

One highlight for Kathy was a visit to her old high school bandroom, thanks to the help of the school superintendent's secretary, who had the right key to this annex. Unlike other parts of the school that appeared smaller than she'd remembered, the bandroom was as large as she'd recalled. She did indeed spend her band teaching days in rooms that were tiny by comparison.

We enjoyed friendly company and a catered dinner wrapping up the reunion Saturday evening in the basement of the local Elks Club. People are happy to see each other and, at this point in our lives, realize we're all fortunate in a lot of ways.


Dennis Warner said...

There's something special about those old school buildings. While they didn't have air conditioning and some other modern conveniences they did have character. It's good to see that the Durango school district is now using the building rather than having torn it down.

Anonymous said...

Bumped into to you looking for photo's of the old high school, I'm David Cline I now live in Eckert, CO been retired for 8 years. Im on Facebook and email, Nice page

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks David. It was quite a feeling to tour the old school after so many years.