Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flying With Capt. Molly Flanagan - UA Superstar

We flew SEA-DEN this morning with Captain Molly Flanagan, our second flight with this UA 757 / 767 pilot and UA "celebrity," at least on FlyerTalk.

Why is she so popular? First, unlike some UA pilots she turns on UA's unique air-traffic control audio, Channel 9, for the passengers. Second, she keeps passengers scrupulously up to date with announcements about the flight's progress. Third, her practice is to come out of the cockpit and welcome the F (First Class) cabin in person before the flight, as she did this morning. Finally, she's one of a relatively few pilots to go to the trouble of handing out signed business cards to each passenger in F, although she didn't this morning, probably being somewhat busy with an FAA inspector riding along today.

This morning we turned the tables and asked our flight attendant to pass along a Wandering Warners card to her with our thank-you note scribbled on it.

We've also had the pleasure of meeting Captain Denny Flanagan, the other famous Flanagan pilot. They're not related except for both being exemplary pilot-ambassadors for UA.

A good start to our flying day as we sit in one of the DEN RCCs for a couple of hours until boarding DEN-ABQ.

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