Monday, August 23, 2010

TSA "Enhanced" Frisking Techniques - Ugh!

Getting through security to board the plane at Sea-Tac will soon present flyers with a Hobson's Choice:

1. Go through a full-body scanner, the safety of which is debated, not to mention the privacy concerns raised by what some of our fellow Flyer Talkers refer to as Nude-O-Scopes.

2. If you opt out of the body scan, you will go through a pat-down search that is about to become even more invasive, i.e. like a police frisk, if Logan Airport's pilot program is any indication.

We're not at all pleased at the idea of the full-body scans. Since the machines will supposedly soon be installed at SEA, it seems we'll have to make that Hobson's Choice sooner rather than later.

A third alternative, if the powers-that-be finally make it too unpleasant to stomach, is simply to fly a lot less.

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