Thursday, May 12, 2011


We're pretty well over the colds that plagued us for the early part of the week, and it's time to start organizing for next week's flight to Australia.

Once we start flying May 16, we'll add nearly 18,000 miles to various mileage accounts before landing in Sydney early on the morning of May 20.

Kathy is double checking hotel reservations to see if any prices have dropped (alas, they haven't, other than finding out from FlyerTalk friends that we could pick two hotel nights in Darwin for an amazing 5000 points per night).

Brian has notified our bank that we may be withdrawing funds with our ATM card, and has let a couple of credit card companies - the ones without foreign transaction fees - know as well.

The roll-aboards are out and it's nearly time to start packing them.

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