Monday, May 23, 2011

Sydney Harbour Showboat

We found a great deal on Travel Zoo before we left home and booked a dinner cruise on the Sydney Harbour Showboat this evening.

When you can find a 60% discount off the Australian rack rate it becomes a good deal. The meal was surprisingly good and the entertainment was great fun. Monday is a quiet night and we were escorted right up to the front seats next to the stage, giving Kathy the opportunity to can-can with the dancers and a few other lucky audience members.

Those who know Kathy will know much she truly enjoyed that experience.

For whatever reason, a convoy of seagulls seemed to be escorting us wherever we went.

And now it's bedtime. Tomorrow we face a five-hour flight on Qantas, an airline on which we enjoy no status whatsoever. Every so often it's good to be reminded of how the little people live

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