Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sydney Chinatown: Kiroran Silk Road Uighur Restaurant

Our last night in Sydney turned out to be a wonderful occasion with four friends met through FlyerTalk over the past several years.

We started off with wine and cheese in our room at the Four Points, where we had an excellent view of Darling Harbour.

From there we walked several blocks to Chinatown to eat at a restaurant we never would have found on our own, the Kiroran Silk Road Uighur Restaurant, a modest little establishment on the second floor of a small building.

Uighurs? They've certainly been in the news. But tonight is all about food.

It's an increasingly rare treat for us to find a cuisine that tastes completely different to us, and one that we immediately enjoy, but Uighur cuisine really impressed us. It was familiar yet unfamiliar, evoking memories of visits both to China and Turkey, yet still distinct. And where else have we have ever eaten dishes that contain both potatoes and noodles?

The total bill for mounds of food for our table of six was $90, quite a treat in not-so-cheap Sydney. Thank you, John, for sharing your "find" with us.

We enjoyed the stroll back to our hotel and a little more visiting before John, Ben, Trish, and Brendan had to depart. We'll see Brendan in the SYD Koru Lounge and on our flight to SFO today, and look forward to seeing him and our Australian friends down the road.

It was a great finale with the best of company to a fabulous visit to Oz.

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  1. Wow, Brian and Kathy, I am in awe at your amazing blog here. And very impressed at how quickly you have written up our "Silk Road" experience on Tues night. It was wonderful of you to host our little post do party, and I am glad the Uighur dining experience was so enjoyable for us all.
    Happy travels - John.