Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LHR: An Evacuation And An Easy Check-In

The breakfast laid out in the Sheraton Skyline lounge looks surprisingly good but we only have time for a cup of coffee before heading on our way. What a breeze it is to catch a free bus from the hotel back to the LHR Central Bus Depot.

We walk a quarter of a block, cross the street,and walk back to the bus stop that's across the street from the hotel. We have our choice of three free buses that go to Heathrow and are aboard one within five minutes.

This sign catches Brian's fancy along the way. How very British to warn miscreants that, along with a fine, your name and address will be taken.

We arrive at the bus depot about 10 minutes later, and walk along that depressing subway route (where's a graffiti artist when you really need one?) to Terminal 1, where we're promptly evacuated due to some situation or other.

About 10 minutes later we're allowed back in, once the staff are in place (our agent tells us their most recent evacuation was just last week), and we promptly check in, breeze through security, and wend our way to the Star Alliance Lounge, where we'll drink some coffee and relax before boarding our flight to LAX in a little over an hour at about 9:30 a.m.

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