Monday, May 30, 2011

Not-So-Sunny Sydney

Our flight DRW-SYD was about an hour late. QF (Qantas) isn't a bad airline to fly, even in the back of the bus, although seating is tight. We chose aisle seats across from each other, which helped considerably. Take that as a suggestion for couples flying in economy.

We were again served an edible meal on the plane - chicken for Kathy and beef for Brian - and the flight attendants followed up with an ice-cream bar for everybody. That's a nice touch.

We watched that strange Matt Damon movie,The Adjustment Bureau, and generally occupied ourselves for the four-hour flight.

After a somewhat bumpy approach we landed at SYD, and picked up our luggage fairly quickly, in company with two other FlyerTalkers, Ben and Trish. We walked with them down to the train, and a half hour later we were walking through downtown - thankfully it wasn't raining - looking for the Darling Harbour Sheraton Four Points.

They upgraded us to a harbor-view suite, yet another benefit of being a Platinum with Starwood for the time being. If the weather doesn't improve Tuesday (and it's Tuesday morning here as we write this), we may spend a fair amount of time gazing at the view from here.

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