Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wandering Harbour to Harbour In Sydney

We strolled down to Darling Harbour again on another beautiful morning to confirm that it'll be about a 20-minute walk to our dinner cruise tonight. We discovered by reading a sign that we could walk along the waterfront for about two miles all the way around to Sydney Harbour, so off we went.

Quite a bit of it was along pavement and what was obviously a docking area.

Before too long we rounded a bend and caught our first sight of what the Aussies call The Coat Hanger, The Sydney Harbour Bridge, completed in the early 1930s and now famous for its bridge climb.

We haven't climbed it but we did complete the Sky Walk around the Sydney Tower a few years back, complete with a section over a glass floor, so we feel we've covered the heights of Sydney quite adequately.

Before long, we caught our first glimpse of the Sydney Opera House, the silhouette of which is one of the most recognizable shapes in the entire world.

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